Athens, Crete and Myko(NO)s

Updated: Jul 2

Second country, second week, second blog post... almost 2 weeks later.

Let’s start with Athens and how it’s a beautiful city. We arrived and it just felt like holiday, if you get me?

The hostel was a bit boring, we found out it’s also a student accommodation for international’s, so there was a lot of young people all doing their work, so not much socialising. We found this out by going outside to the bar and it being closed and some american students discussing their assignment. We went out all prepared to socialise even though we were tired and didn’t really want to (this has become a thing of our travels) so I suppose it worked out for the best?

We saw the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Olympic ground where the first modern Olympics were held as well as the Acropolis and other ruins. I’ve wanted to go to the Acropolis ever since I studied history of art and learned all about architecture and being able to describe an entire building. The history in Greece is really interesting and I’m so glad I got to go.

After Athens we got the overnight ferry to Crete. Having being told that we needed to go up to the deck, we went up there and basically slept outside/in the smoking area, which came in handy for me. We later found out that you can just sit inside where it’s actually warm as we did on the other overnight ferry we got back to Athens, that got us there for 6am to get another ferry to Mykonos leaving at 7:30am. By the end of it I felt very motion sick but I didn’t throw up, yay go me!

Our first day in Heraklion, Crete, we were walking around the town and me and Noel looked at each other like, yeh there’s fuck all here. We walked past a hertz and were like, shall we hire a car? And so we did. Easiest hiring a car process ever. So what did we do? I drove us to some beaches at the south of the island, which was actually only an hour away. One day we went to this palm tree forest and we also went to Samaria National Park, which is beautiful and one of my highlights so far of our trip (6 HOUR HIKE through a gorge, my legs really hurt the next day, but you know, I never do any exercise)

One thing I can safely say is that I have never driven on more dangerous windy roads before Crete. It truly did test my driving skills.

I drove for I want to say 2 hours nearly to Elafonisi. Where we saw on google the sands were pink. The internet lies. Although you can see pink in this photo, the camera picks it up better than your eyesight, also, we only saw it as the sun was setting. Different lighting helps. So yeh, if you ever plan on going, don't have any high expectations for pink sand. The beach itself is lovely though with a little lagoon where the sand now makes its way through the water.

After our last overnight ferry, plus another ferry, plus a sea boat, we finally made it to Mykonos. We were so tired we went to the hotel and wanted to just collapse into bed. We didn't though, we walked around the town and got some food. We realised then that we had basically seen all of Mykonos in about 2 hours and we still had 3 nights there.

It's a beautiful place, and well worth a visit in my opinion, but only for a day/1 night. Walk around the old town, get some nice food, have a drink (if you can afford it!). Surprisingly my primary school best friend was in Mykonos at the same time (shoutout Beth), madness I know. We went out for some drinks and I saw that 750ml of beer cost 30 euros and I was done. Solution? To shop.

We took the days in Mykonos as rest days: slept, ate, watched TV with face masks. Who know we had to go all the way to Mykonos to do that? But all in all Greece was amazing but we were ready to leave and head to Israel.

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