4th country. Jordan what can I say. You were very different indeed.

We passed the border from Eilat, Israel to Aqaba, Jordan and saw the difference right away. The most bizarre border crossing I’ve ever been through. We had to get a taxi to the border on Israel’s side as there is no public transport there. You then have to walk through the border, through nomans land out to Jordan. Smokers land as I like to call it. I was like, wait what I can smoke whilst I’m passing the border? Amazing. We got through and then had to get another taxi to the hostel, again no public transport.

Luckily we had met these 2 guys in Eilat and they came in the taxi with us to split the cost and we ended up adopting them. We all went to wadi rum and Petra together.

We did a tour of wadi rum because it worked out cheaper then going by yourself. It was 45 Jordanian dinar (£55?) for a 2 hour jeep tour across the desert (which would cost you 80 dinar by itself) a night accommodation at a camp with dinner and breakfast included. Otherwise you would have to pay for them all separately.

Wadi rum is a beautiful desert. Miles and miles of sand and quiet. The camp was lovely too and we sat and watched the sun set behind the mountains. Regretting not having brought beer to the camp, someone there had came prepared and gave us one. We were all very thankful. By 8:30 everyone was bored and went to bed whilst I stayed up till midnight... night owl 🤷🏻‍♀️

We headed to Petra the next day in a taxi because the only bus is at 9am and we weren’t going to make it. It worked out to be £20 each roughly.

Petra - a wonderful wonder of the world - hungover not so much. The night we arrived we sat drinking 10% Petra beer. I had 3 and don’t remember my third. The next day we got up to explore the lost city and I did not feel great. The 10% beer left me feeling ill for a week. You live and you learn.

We hiked all the way to the monastery which is a very impressive building. It’s basically a bigger treasury. The hike took quite some time but worth the effort.

We rested for a day and headed back to the city of Petra early morning for when it opened at 6. We hiked the green trail which lead us to an impressive view of the treasury from above. Definitely worth getting up early as not many people are there and tour buses get there around 9am. On our way back down and out of Petra it was swarming with crowds.

We did Petra by night and in my opinion it’s very expensive for what it is. It’s not included in the Jordan pass we had.

It was nice to see it lit up, but you rush your way through because you want to get to the front and then you listen to someone play some instrument for about 10 minutes, listen to a short speech and then take photos and leave. All lasts about 45 minutes.

Amman was our last stop in Jordan where we wondered around the city, all very hilly, got some food and chilled most of the time until we caught our flight to India.

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