Top photographs and the stories behind them

Updated: Jun 19

Each of these photos, apart from being some of the nicer photographs I've taken in my time, are my favourite for the stories behind them. They each have a reason for making me the person I am today. They each show the moments I've been at my happiest so far in life.

4 - Cappadoccia – Hot air balloons

I started an indefinite backpacking trip around Asia with Noel, that ended up lasting 6 months. We didn’t even make it that far from home before experiencing the most amazing thing I think I’ve even seen. The hot air balloons were a sight for sore eyes. We woke up at 5:45am to climb to the top of the hill to watch the amazing sunrise and all the hot air balloons flying up. We had only just begun our trip and were on our 3rd day and I knew this was going to be an experience I would never forget. This was what pure happiness is.

3 - Iceland – Skógafoss

Iceland, well Iceland is my favourite country I’ve been to and I only got to spend 4 days there which is not enough. This image is among my favourites as It’s the first proper waterfall I had ever seen. I remember pulling up in the car, looking out and thinking, my god that’s huge. I’d never been so impressed by mother nature before. Iceland was a photography adventure and I loved every minute of it. Many people take many photos of this exact waterfall and they all pretty much look the same, mine included. But mine has a meaning to it that I never thought possible from an image. I fell in love with waterfalls, they became to define my future travels. I have to say, don’t stick to the rivers and lakes that you’re used to, go chase them waterfalls.

2 - Point O’ Pines Camp - Brant Lake

This photograph also expresses gratitude and happiness. My first time outside of Europe working in a summer camp in upstate New York. The amazing Point O’ Pines Camp chose me as their Photography Director and took me in as part of their family.

Every night I would look up at the stars and I had never seen a sky so fall of stars like that before. I had been saying all summer I wanted to try some astrophotography out and it wasn’t until a couple nights before I left camp did I take this image. It’s the first astrophotography image I had taken that I got all in focus and the light perfect and I just loved it. Taking this image proved to me that it really is about patience, everything comes eventually.

1 - New York City skyline

This photo means a lot to me for the pure fact that I had been wanting to go to New York City ever since I can remember. It’s also my favourite long exposure photo I’ve ever taken.

I bought some Lee ND filters a year before this photo and I had experimented with taking 15/20-minute exposures of cities. I had made some really nice photographs that I was proud of, examples including the Colosseo, Parque del Retiro and La Tour Eiffel.

I sat by Brooklyn Park across from Manhattan after a very long tiring day walking. I woke up at 7 and walked the entire day all across the city and then decided I would watch the sunset over the skyline. I found an empty chair next to the railing, set up my tripod and camera and started my 15-minute exposure. I sat there looking across at the city as it started going dark and lighting up thinking, look at me, I finally made it.

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