The Immobile City

History is a topic that has always fascinated me. I studied History of Art for two years and this is where my interest in architecture and design comes from.  Whenever I have the opportunity to explore somewhere new I want to investigate what happened there; what is the function now and how has this changed from what it once was? Has it simply been reduced to a tourist attraction? My interest was reenergised when having moved to London because of how saturated in history this city truly is. I lived in a flat on the sixteenth floor with a 180º view of the London skyline. It interested me seeing the London Eye, St Pauls Cathedral, The Shard and Tower Bridge from above and not having my view obscured by seeing all the tourists. 

In addition to being interested in history, I love to enjoy the quietness of the landscape, something very uncommon in the city of London as it is so busy. I grew up in southern Spain in the countryside of a village surrounded by nature; fields of trees, mountains, the ocean in the distance and the stars in the sky. There were never many people and it was always nice to have a wonder around, no matter what time of day, and be alone. When I moved to London I liked the hustle and bustle of the city, always things to do, but I missed having that quiet time to myself to just enjoy my surroundings. 

The weird and the eerie are both terms that derive from Freud’s unheilmich (uncanny). The weird should be understood as “that which does not exist”, mostly finding the expression in the conjoining of two or more things which do not belong together. The eerie on the other hand, indicates a different type of affect, one that is not so much about the terrifying intrusion of something that does not belong, but more often with a frightening absence where one would expect a presence. – Mark Fisher The weird and the eerie.

This is an ongoing project in which I will be documenting various cities and representing a peaceful landscape within the busy cityscape. I want the audience to be able to look at my photo and notice the eerie absence but be able to enjoy the place, experience it like they never have before. 

SG Photography

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